photo:  @GraceVo

photo: @GraceVo

Clair is a modern calligrapher and artist based in Minneapolis, MN. Encouraged since childhood to "go draw if you're bored!" and to always respond to her Grandmother's beautifully hand-written letters in kind, she grew up loving the feel of using ink on paper. 

After receiving a B.A. in Visual Arts, she spent some years flitting about the world working in corporate event planning - but yearned to do something more creative. To step away from all the spreadsheets and get to using her hands again, she picked up a modern calligraphy class and never looked back. Hand lettering is an exciting, evolving art in a digital age - and Clair is definitely 'hooked'!

She uses the alias Hooked Calligraphy to create custom modern calligraphy pieces and hand-lettering work for events, parties, weddings, and design uses worldwide - but when she's not sending calligraphy snail mail or eating pizza, you can find her walking her dog with her husband and two young boys in Minneapolis, MN.