photo:  @graceVo

photo: @graceVo

Custom Work
Have an idea for something lArge scale, with unconventional materials, or need some digital designs? Talk custom to me!  Pricing will be based on time and materials involved, but some common starting points are as follows:

Design Services start at $125 (Calligraphy Logos, Illustrations, Tattoos, Custom Maps, Monograms, etc.):
Large Scale Chalkboard or Mirror Sign, 3 Lines Verbiage: Start at $45 (sign base provided by client)

Envelope Addressing
Outer Envelope: Standard 3-line outer envelope addressing is $2.50, 4-line/ International addresses are $2.75
Inner envelope (Just guest name, no address): $1
Return address: $2
RSVP card address: $2

I am only able to take a limited number of envelope projects each month, so please plan ahead! Drop me a note to get started with a deposit to secure your slot in my schedule. Above prices include black ink. Any color ink, including white or metallics, adds a flat fee of $20-$55 depending on project size. There may also be an added cost for metallic or fibrous paper envelopes, as it is more difficult to control the ink on those materials.

Calligraphy addressing prices do not include the envelopes, those must be provided to me with 15-20% extra to allow for slips of the hand and any possible late additions.

Escort Cards
Escort Cards start at $1.50/each for basic paper with black ink, and the price would increase slightly for custom offerings like color inks or difficult materials (think writing on fabric, rocks, or glass)

Email me: with your ideas for a full quote on custom work!